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PowHer Consulting consists of highly skilled consultants, coaches, facilitators, and project managers working together to ensure its clients’ experiences are stellar. Culture curation is hard work that requires focused leaders who value each other just as much as their client’s input into the process. At PowHer Consulting, we understand that actual change is a marathon and not a sprint, so we partner with our clients to deliver services that continue beyond a training session. Our team is available for virtual mastermind sessions and coaching to help provide the support needed to ensure our clients are comfortable leading their new workplace changes

We are all about culture. From organizational assessments and leadership strategies to learning and development programs, we help our clients bridge the cultural gaps within their organizations. How do we do it? Through strategic planning, engagements, and communications. We go beyond the typical consulting PowerPoint decks and lengthy meetings. We partner with our clients for success. Developing and implementing culture and equity strategies to transform organizations makes PowHer Consulting a powerhouse in change management, organizational development, strategic communications, and culture curation.

Team Meeting


Shantera Chatman



With over 20 years of professional experience, Shantera Chatman has become a successful Global Culture Strategist and community leader. As a Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Business Alum and President of PowHer Consulting, Shantera is known for her guiding principles, developing strong cultures, and her successful work within many Fortune 500 companies.  She has worked for both large and small consulting firms servicing clients such as NASA and Chevron. Shantera has led teams for her clients as they successfully rolled out various information technology (I.T.), cyber intelligence, and diversity initiatives. As a transformation specialist and project manager, Shantera has helped Fortune 500 companies engage their user community and adopt significant workplace cultural changes. Shantera graduated from Texas A&M University with a Bachelor of Business Administration degree in Information & Operations Management.  She is noted for her significant leadership accomplishments with her clients and founding The Chatman Women's Foundation in Houston, Texas.
Shantera is a prolific writer and the author of the Transformative Ally Framework: Advocacy, Support & Coexistence, PowHer Play: A Women's Empowerment Guide, Embrace Resistance: How to Conquer Your Critics, and emPowHering YOU: 12 Tips to Finding Your Voice. 


Shantera focuses on culture curation and building strong allies in the workplace. She weaves her experiences into powerful stories and interactive conversations that make her a sought-after speaker, consultant, and lecturer. Her thought leadership has been featured on and in various online news platforms, Houston Business Journal, Inc. Magazine, and


Shantera Chatman has a reputation for building strong relationships with her clients, transforming organizations, and delivering quality results.  She has built a team of experts who are the same. Whether its one-on-one consulting and coaching or leadership intensive programs and strategic planning, Shantera and the PowHer Consulting team are the experts you need.  With a focus on culture curation and allyship, they can help you and your organization excel beyond the status quo and thrive beyond expectations.

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