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Change Management


Change management is a systematic, proactive approach that is comprised of processes, tools and techniques used to manage the people side of change and achieve desired business outcomes.

Because our approach is customized to your unique organizational needs and develops a repeatable change management process, our change management services can:

  • Accelerate the transition from “current state” to “desired state”

    • Ensure leaders’ goals align with the end user behaviors.

    • Embed desired behaviors into business and support organizations

  • Guide the change and mitigate risks such as resistance to the change

    • Mitigate pockets of resistance and leverage pockets of support to increase employee acceptance.

    • Create and implement a full-scale, repeatable change management plan and related materials.

  • Mobilize leaders for the change and prepare the workforce with proper abilities to change

    • Establish strategic alignment among Senior Leaders

    • Align the organization through communications and stakeholder engagements

    • Develop and deploy workforce training activities and reinforcement mechanisms

As your Change Management experts, we oversee business readiness, sustainability, and training strategy. We will also partner with you on sponsorship, stakeholder management, and communications.

What do we mean by partner? How do we do it?

We work with our clients to achieve the following:

  • Develop Change Management Strategies and Plans

  • Conduct Change Impact Assessments

  • Facilitating Stakeholder Engagements and Communications

  • Implementing Change Management Tools & Methodologies

  • Monitor and Evaluate Change Initiatives

Strategic Communiatons


Strategic communications is a specialized approach to distributing and receiving information. It means communicating the best message, through the correct channels, to the right people, at the right time and using feedback from this process to stay focused on company goals.


Strategic communications is a method of delivering calculated, purposeful content intentionally. This involves planning, tactical forethought, implementation, and correct positioning around your company’s mission.

PowHer Consulting will work with you to understand the purpose of your communications. The purpose of strategic communications can be revealed by answering the following questions:
⦁    Who do you need to reach with your message, and why?
⦁    What will the content of your message be?
⦁    How and when will you deliver this message?
⦁    Which channels will you use?


Strategic communications processes help you effectively communicate and engage with key audiences by distributing compelling, consistent messages. The ideal outcome promotes the achievement of specific goals and objectives. It enables you to establish and maintain strong relationships with key participants, builds trust in the workplace, and encourages transparency and accountability. Similarly, it's also used to guide internal communication advantageously within your organization.

Strategic Planning


Strategic planning is a process to define an organization’s vision for the future and identify their goals and objectives.


Strategic planning is a roadmap, and the experts at PowHer Consulting are great at creating roadmaps, but what we are better at doing is making it simple to develop roadmaps. We pride ourselves on breaking down tasks that seem daunting into smaller steps that are approachable and easy to understand so our clients can repeat those steps long after we are gone. It is what good consultants do. By keeping in mind your mission, goals (both long and short) and having the plan to evaluate and revise the plan throughout the process, we will partner with you to build a strong and solid strategic plan.


Our process is simple. We will listen, analyze, and then plan (LAP). Who will we listen to? Everyone. The leadership, the board, key stakeholders, employees, and clients. After listening to everyone about the organization’s processes, procedures, and policies (via listening sessions, surveys, and retreats explained below), we will analyze the data and begin to make recommendations. Only after all input has been analyzed will we begin to form conclusions and draft plans with leadership. It is essential to allow the process to play out entirely before drafting any documentation.

Screenshot (160).png
Cultural Awareness Training


Cultural awareness consulting refers to the process of analyzing and understanding the internal cultural dynamics of a company. This includes examining the values, beliefs, and norms that shape the behavior of employees and the overall work environment.


PowHer Consulting helps our clients develop strategies to foster a healthy, inclusive workplace culture. By identifying potential cultural conflict or misunderstanding areas, we enable companies to effectively address these issues and promote a more harmonious and productive work environment.


A common misconception is that you only encounter other cultural approaches to business when you go to work overseas for an extended period. This is not the case – every time you pick up the phone or email a colleague in an international office you are dealing with cultural differences.

In most organizations, many people who have cross-border dealings never actually travel internationally. Most people have intermittent contact through email, phone or video conference and the sporadic nature of these interactions make it much more difficult to answer the questions around ‘what is a cultural dilemma and what is merely a business-as-usual problem?’

We work with our clients to accomplish the following:

  • Define cultural awareness and understand its importance at their workplace

  • Identify and address common cultural differences and how they show up in the work environment

  • Explore cross-cultural communications on global teams

  • Identify ways to build cultural understanding and awareness in the workplace


Are you looking for an innovative way to bond and build trust among your female leaders of color? PowHer Consulting curates and facilitates unique corporate retreats with the sole intent of engagement and behavioral change among leaders. We will partner with you to provide a safe, interactive atmosphere conducive to honesty, catalytic conversation, and community-building.

Our focus is to ensure you understand what it means to fill in the gap for your fellow leaders and take on the change of professional development and growth. At the retreat, we aim to cultivate community, professional partnership, and growth among the participants.

We will fill in the GAPP for one another as we:

Guide each other through the never-ending obstacles and uncertainties of change.
Accept each other as we are, we listen without judgment, and only offer opinions when asked.
Praise one another for our professional wins as we determine the next steps.
Perform according to the strategies and techniques we ruminate on during the retreat.

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